Alcohol-soluble silicone oil GF1218

Alcohol-soluble silicone oil GF1218

Product Details

1.Main uses

Alcohol-soluble silicone oil GF1218 (non-dilution silicone oil, dedicated for syringes) is mainly used for disposable sterile syringes, medical catheters, medical rubber plugs, etc.

2.Usage method and advantages

Advanced, safe, environmentally friendly, and convenient: no need to change the equipment can be opened directly into the spray gun pot spraying; 10 minutes after spraying can be assembled with the syringe mandrel and rubber plug, waiting for the diluent to completely evaporate after the test feel better Lighter and smoother, without obstruction. It can reduce the mist generated in the workshop when spraying silicone oil, and effectively prevent air pollution; reduce the concentration of volatile gases in the workshop air, and small packaging can avoid secondary pollution when the workshop is prepared with silicone oil, which is convenient to use.

After spraying, it feels lighter and smoother, without obstruction.