Uses of medical silicone oil
- 2020-01-03-

We all know that when some liquid substances converge together, it is easy to produce foam. When the formation of foam has accumulated to a certain extent, it is necessary to defoam.

Defoaming is to take certain measures to break the formed foam or reduce the thickness of the foam layer. The premise of recycling the foam fluid is that there must be a feasible defoaming method. There are many commonly used defoaming methods, which can be divided into

Physical defoaming method: It is a method of changing the viscosity or physical properties of the foam to make the foam burst, and the chemical composition of the foam remains the same. Commonly used methods are thermal method, sonic method, electric power method and vacuum method.

Mechanical defoaming method: The bursting of bubbles is the destruction of the film that forms the bubbles. To this end, the bubbles are often compressed or applied with an impact force. The sharp changes in pressure such as shear force, compression force, and impact force can be used to break the bubble film. Rupture to achieve the purpose of defoaming. Chemical defoaming method: Add chemical agent to the foam base liquid to change certain properties of the foaming agent to achieve the purpose of defoaming. This chemical agent is medical silicone oil.

Natural defoaming method: It is caused by the liquid of the liquid film between the foams oozing along the interface, the diffusion of gas between the air bubbles, and the breaking of some single air bubble films.

Among these defoaming methods, physical defoaming cannot handle a large amount of foam, and is only suitable for certain emergency measures; mechanical defoaming requires additional equipment, and usually cannot be completely defoamed; natural defoaming covers a large area and takes a long time It is suitable for defoaming of foam drilling fluid; chemical defoaming method has simple construction and high defoaming rate, but the consumption of defoaming agent is large and the cost is high, which may change the performance of the base fluid.

We need to know the defoaming method in time and choose the appropriate defoaming method.