Necessity of needle tube cleaning agent
- 2020-01-03-

Hospital, speaking of these two words, what popped into our minds were crowds of people and bacteria. As a centralized place for patients, general germs are everywhere. How to keep the hospital ’s hygiene in compliance with this requirement requires regular disinfection. Disinfection in public places also requires disinfection of medical equipment.

For example, needles, medical carts and other commonly used basic equipment need to be sterilized. Needle tube cleaner is a typical representative of this. It is responsible for disinfecting and cleaning the inside of the needle tube to ensure the needle tube is clean and tidy.

In fact, cleaning agents are a large category, with many types, including two categories of inorganic cleaning and organic cleaning. The difference between organic cleaning agents and inorganic cleaning agents is simply that organic cleaning agents are cleaning agents made of carbon compounds Inorganic detergents are cleaning agents made of carbon-free compounds, so they are inorganic. There are many ways to classify cleaning agents, which vary from country to country. We usually divide them into three categories: aqueous, semi-aqueous and non-aqueous cleaning agents.

Cleaning agents have always played an important role in our lives. Among them, water as the main cleaning agent has the role and status of any other cleaning agent. Ordinary water is easily obtained from nature, and water has a strong dissolving and dispersing power. However, many stains cannot be cleaned by water. For example, the common oil in our lives is the common difficult to clean stains. You need to use a detergent to perform the necessary cleaning. What about other difficult stains?

What special cleaning agents do you need? For example, solvent-based cleaning agents refer to organic solvents that are insoluble in water. The non-aqueous cleaning agents used in precision industrial cleaning are mainly organic solvents such as petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, fluorinated hydrocarbons, brominated hydrocarbons, alcohols, silicone oils, and terpenes.

Silicone oil is the main cleaning agent for needle tubes. This chemical has special properties and is clean. It is a widely used cleaning product in the medical field.