Flame retardant mechanism of siliconized liquid for environment-friendly flame retardant syringe
- 2020-01-03-

At present, this environmentally friendly flame retardant syringe uses siliconized liquid , which bears the role of flame retardant. We know that the main material of the syringe is plastic, and plastic is easy to burn. This is a well-known thing, so how to ensure the safe storage of plastic products, A flame retardant is required.

With the rapid development of our society, in order to ensure social safety and the needs of life and prevent fires, flame retardants are developed in actual life. Materials processed by flame retardants are attacked by external fire sources. , Can effectively prevent, delay or terminate the spread of flame, so as to achieve the role of flame retardant.

At present, these flame retardant mechanisms are used to achieve the purpose of fire suppression:

1.Asphyxiating effect of non-combustible gas

When the flame retardant is heated, it decomposes non-combustible gas, and dilutes the concentration of combustible gas decomposed by the combustible material to the lower limit of combustion. At the same time, it also has a dilution effect on the oxygen concentration in the combustion zone, preventing the combustion from continuing and achieving a flame retardant effect.

2. Endothermic effect

By increasing the heat capacity of the polymer, it can absorb more heat before reaching the thermal decomposition temperature, thereby improving its flame retardancy. This kind of flame retardant takes full advantage of its large amount of heat absorption characteristics when combined with water vapor to improve its own flame retardant ability.

3. Coverage

After the flame retardant is added to the combustible material, the flame retardant can form a glassy or stable foam cover at high temperature to isolate oxygen, and has the functions of heat insulation, oxygen barrier, and prevention of flammable gas from escaping to achieve flame retardancy purpose.

These are the flame retardant results obtained through continuous testing. According to the different products used, it is recommended to invest in different flame retardants to achieve the best results.