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What is medical needle tip silicone oil used for?
- 2020-01-03-

Silicone oil is very common in our lives and has a wide range of uses. Due to its special nature, it has also been used in some special industries, such as aviation, cutting-edge technology, and military technology departments. It is used as a special material.

At present, it is also widely used in the medical industry. This kind of special chemical substance can be used above the needle tip in the pharmaceutical industry. Generally, the silicone oil used for the needle tip is called medical needle tip silicone oil. Since it is mainly used for injection needles, it is also called silicone oil for injection needles.

The purpose here is to prevent adhesion. We know that when the needle is inserted into the skin tissue, we will encounter the result of adhesion caused by the tissue of platelets, so at this time medical silicone oil is required to perform the necessary intervention, while ensuring that harm.

There are many cases in our lives that require the cooperation of chemical substances, but the requirements for chemical substances to be used in the human body are relatively high, especially in the medical industry. The quality and safety requirements for such chemical substances are very strict. If the silicone oil is to be used in the human body, it needs to be produced in a clean environment. It requires high purity, no residual acid and alkali catalyst, and low volatile content. Currently, it is produced by the resin method. The product produced by this method has high purity. Will be used for water treatment, such as the production of soft water, purified water and ultra-pure water. These are applied to the resin method. Products made by this method often meet the high requirements of safety and cleanliness.

Chemicals have always played an important role in our lives. They say that our lives are inseparable from water and air. In fact, in every aspect of life, food, clothing, and transportation are also inseparable from chemicals, but we generally feel that it is inseparable from us. far away.