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Know about medical silicone oil
- 2020-01-03-

We have all heard of silicone oils and may have used this product. This chemical is a polyorganosiloxane with a chain structure of different degrees of polymerization. Is a commonly used chemical.

It is made from dimethyl dichlorosilane and hydrolyzed to obtain an initial polycondensation ring body. The ring body is cracked and rectified to obtain a low-ring ring body. A mixture of different degrees of polymerization can be obtained by removing the low-boiling substances by distillation under reduced pressure.

Because silicone oil has excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance, hydrophobicity, physiological inertia and small surface tension, it also has a low viscosity temperature coefficient and high compression resistance. Some varieties also have radiation resistance. Performance.

Therefore, silicone oil has a wide range of uses, often used as high-grade lubricating oil, shockproof oil, insulating oil, defoaming agent, release agent, polishing agent and vacuum diffusion pump oil. Among the various silicone oils, methyl silicone oil is the most widely used and is the most important variety of silicone oil, followed by methylphenyl silicone oil. In addition, there are ethyl silicone oil, methylphenyl silicone oil, nitrile-containing silicone oil, and the like. Various functional silicone oils and modified silicone oils are mainly used for special purposes.

In the medical field, silicone oils are also widely used. Medical silicone oils are polyorganosiloxane liquids and their derivatives that are used to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases or to function as lubricants and defoamers on medical devices. The usefulness of this silicone oil is very effective medical supplies.

Broadly speaking, cosmetic silicone oils for skin care and beauty also fall into this category. Most commonly used medical silicone oil is polydimethylsiloxane. With its defoaming properties, it can be made into anti-bloating tablets and aerosols for pulmonary edema, and can also be used as an anti-intestinal adhesion in abdominal surgery. Adhesive, used as a defoamer for gastric juice and a lubricant for some medical surgical instruments in gastroscopy. Medical silicone oil is required to be produced in a clean environment, requires high purity, does not contain residual acid and alkali catalysts, and has low volatility. At present, it is mostly produced by resin method.

Silicone oil has a wide range of applications and has always played an important role in our lives.