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Environmentally friendly siliconized fluid for injection needles adapts to the development of the times
- 2020-01-03-

If you ask what is the theme of the current era of development, many people will have the words sustainable development and environmental protection in their minds. Yes, with the continuous development of the times, we realize that the resources around us are being rapidly consumed, and some non-renewable resources It is a terrible reminder that it has even reached the point of being exhausted.

Environmental protection and sustainable development are imminent and are also things we must face.

Today we look at environmental protection from the perspective of the hospital. In our life, the hospital is the main public place for treating diseases. When you see crowded people, you know that you will consume a lot of medical supplies every day. The injection needle is the largest. Consumables, these are disposable products. Once used, they will be discarded. The needles and syringes consumed every day may be tens of tons. These resources include iron, plastic and other resources. If they are discarded, they will produce A lot of waste of resources, how can we ensure environmental protection development? This requires us to face a challenge together.

At the same time, a special chemical is needed when using injection needles. This is an environmentally friendly siliconized liquid for injection needles . At present, in order to avoid waste, environmentally friendly silicone oil has been developed. This medical silicone oil is clinically used. The performance is very significant. It is mainly used for diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases or for lubricating and defoaming polyorganosiloxane liquids and their derivatives on medical devices.

Most commonly used medical silicone oil is polydimethylsiloxane. With its defoaming properties, it can also be made into anti-bloating tablets and aerosols for pulmonary edema. It can also be used to prevent intestinal adhesions during abdominal surgery. Anti-adhesive agent, used as defoamer for gastric juice and lubricant for some medical surgical instruments in gastroscopy.

Broadly speaking, cosmetic silicone oils for skin care and beauty also fall into this category. Due to its special chemical properties, this chemical substance has a very wide range of uses.