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What is a needle cleaner
- 2020-01-03-

How much do you know about cleaning agents? The cleaning agent is actually a very broad category, and there are many types, suitable for different industries, the raw materials of the cleaning agent are different, and there will be different cleaning effects. Let us take a look at the cleaning agent industry together.

At present, cleaning agents generally include two categories: inorganic cleaning and organic cleaning. The difference between organic cleaning agents and inorganic cleaning agents is simply that organic cleaning agents are cleaning agents made of carbon compounds, and inorganic cleaning agents are carbon-free. Compounds are cleaning agents, so they are inorganic.

Generally, in our life, the most common cleaning agent is dishwashing liquid. As an essential cleaning product for households, it has always played an important role.

At present, cleaning agents can be divided into industrial cleaning agents and civilian cleaning agents according to their uses.

Industrial cleaning agents include degreasing cleaning agents, dewaxing cleaning agents, liquid crystal cleaning agents, room temperature cleaning, rust removal cleaning agents, and alumina acid removal.

Civil cleaning agents include washing powder, hand sanitizer, soap, dishwashing liquid, and all-purpose cleaning agents.

Cleaning agents can be divided into water-based cleaning agents and organic solvent cleaning agents according to the different solvents.

Water-based cleaning agents are water-based cleaning agents, such as degreasing cleaning agents, detergents, detergents, etc.

Organic solvent cleaning solvents are organic solvents, such as trichloroethylene, acetone, Tianna water, boiling oil water, white electricity oil, etc.

As a hospital that requires frequent disinfection, cleaning agents are a common product. Among them, needle and tube cleaning agents are the most widely used. Most patients in hospitals have a large number of bacteria. If they are targeted at basic medical equipment, cleaning methods are not used. Contaminated blood can cause danger.