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Flame retardant effect of siliconized liquid for environmental protection flame retardant syringe
- 2020-01-03-

Syringe, as the main medical appliance, is the most widely used. The main material of this injection is plastic. Plastic products cannot directly contact the fire source and are not resistant to high temperature. Therefore, special care should be taken when storing.

And now a chemical substance used with the syringe is an environmentally friendly flame retardant syringe siliconized liquid. This chemical substance acts as a flame retardant. Do you know what a flame retardant is?

Flame retardant, a functional additive that imparts flame resistance to flammable polymers. It is mainly designed for the flame retardant of polymer materials. There are many types of flame retardants, which are divided into additive flame retardants and reactions according to the use method. Flame retardant.

Additive flame retardants are added to polymers through mechanical mixing methods to make the polymers flame retardant. At present, the main types of additive flame retardants are organic flame retardants and inorganic flame retardants, and halogen flame retardants (organic flame retardants). Chloride and organic bromide) and non-halogen. Some organic flame retardants are represented by bromine, phosphorus nitrogen, nitrogen and red phosphorus and compounds. Inorganic is mainly flame retardant systems such as antimony trioxide, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, and silicon.

The reactive flame retardant is used as a monomer to participate in the polymerization reaction. Therefore, the polymer itself contains a flame retardant component. The advantage is that the polymer material has a small impact on the performance of the polymer material and the flame retardant is durable.

There are many forms of flame retardants in our lives. This is a science developed in order to meet the needs of social safety in production and life, prevent fires, and protect people's lives and property. Flame retardant is the application of flame retardant technology in real life. It is a special chemical additive used to improve the combustion performance of combustible and flammable materials. It is widely used in the flame retardant processing of various decoration materials. After being processed by a flame retardant, the material can effectively prevent, delay or stop the spread of flame when attacked by an external fire source, so as to achieve the flame retardant effect.

The emergence of flame retardants has brought guarantees to our lives, and has moved forward for a safer era.