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Types of products such as original tube cleaners
- 2020-01-03-

When it comes to cleaning agents, we are not unfamiliar. For example, the detergent we use every day is cleaning agents. There are generally three types we can look at together:

Water-based type: A substance formulated from surfactants and various auxiliaries and auxiliaries that can reduce the surface tension of aqueous solutions and improve the decontamination effect when washing dirt on the surface of objects. According to the appearance of the product, it is divided into solid detergent and liquid detergent. The solid detergent has the largest output, and is customarily called washing powder, including fine powder, granular and hollow granules. There is also a paste detergent in between, also called laundry cream. Various types of synthetic detergents have different production processes, among which solid detergents are the most complicated. Countries around the world generally produce hollow granular solid detergents and use high-tower spray drying methods. The main processes are slurry preparation, spray drying, air aging and packaging. Liquid detergents are easy to manufacture, just send surfactants, auxiliaries and other additives, as well as treated water, to the mixer for mixing.

Semi-water-based type: a new type of cleaning agent product composed of fine particles of weakly alkaline adsorption of various auxiliaries, using natural interface active abrasive particles as raw materials, combined with various active agents and bactericides, polishing agents, imported penetrant And the unique bright factor and other environmental protection technology formulated by high-tech, is a multifunctional and efficient comprehensive environmental cleaning and care products. It is a modern new type of decontamination product. It has a unique decontamination effect, is widely used, and has no side effects on human skin. The active abrasive grains help with the unique cleaning agent contained in the abrasive grains. When combined with light Microsoft friction, it can quickly and thoroughly remove all kinds of serious stubborn dirt pollution. Grey scale, heavy oil scale, cement scale, grout scale, metal scratch, rust scale, adhesive, tea stain, drink stain, rubber hammer mark, leather shoe scratch, stubborn wax stain, aluminum mark, wood mark, square Dirt such as grid marks, watermarks, shoe marks, ink marks, etc. are environmentally friendly, do not damage the brick surface, and do not hurt your hands.

Solvent type: Composed of hydrocarbon solvents, halogenated hydrocarbon solvents, alcohol solvents, ether solvents, ketone solvents, ester solvents, phenol solvents, and mixed solvents.

At present, this original tube cleaning agent is used in the pharmaceutical industry, and the main component is silicone oil.

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